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Unleash the Value of Product

Data to Your Organization

The time and expertise of your engineers is a valuable asset. Naturally, you want them creating better products, faster. How much is that costing you in the competitive marketplace when an engineer spends half their day fulfilling product data requests from stakeholders across the company?

With ThingWorx Navigate, product data is now self-serve for everyone who needs it. All the latest drawings, part numbers, and documentation in the product’s lifecycle are instantly available through a clean, straightforward mobile interface. No engineer intervention needed.

Extend the value of product data to everyone

Revolutionizing PLM with ThingWorx Navigate

A suite of ThingWorx Navigate apps makes PLM data available to more of the enterprise in a highly consumable way, to extend the value of PLM to more product lifecycle stakeholders.

New and Intuitive Role-Based Apps in Windchill 11

Chris Bergquist, Senior Channel Solutions Director at PTC, provides a demonstration of the new role-based apps technology in Windchill 11

ThingWorx Navigate gives you complete data. Up-to-date, contextual, and accurate. It ties into your systems of record like PLM, ALM, and more. It even extends to include other systems, and pulls in data from smart, connected products. It’s IoT ready.

ThingWorx Navigate is easy to use for everyone, too. Not all of your new PLM users are engineers, so why force them through the same rigorous PLM training? Empower manufacturing, service, sales, and purchasing with easy-to-get product data through an intuitive, friendly interface.

Product Data Your Way

Watch how ThingWorx Navigate View's Application Development Kit elevates the value of product data by aggregating information for a customized, holistic view of the systems that drive your product's lifecycle.

No matter what the role or task is, up-to-the-minute product data stored in Windchill or other enterprise systems can be made available to everyone.

CIMdata on ThingWorx Navigate

“Role-based offerings, like [ThingWorx] Navigate, which are targeted to different organizational roles and use cases,

are essential to optimizing access to up-to-date product data across the extended enterprise."

- CIMdata

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Zero Wait-State (ZWS) solutions – both cloud-based and on-premise – power industrial innovation to capture the Voice of the Product, unleash the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), and optimize Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). ZWS helps you better integrate your design data into your product development and supply chain operations — accelerating innovation, driving revenue growth, and reducing new product introduction (NPI) costs. ZWS’ PLM and IoT products, including internally developed applications, coupled with expert consulting services, provide extensive, proven capabilities for PLM implementation, engineering integration, and data migration; backed by ZWS’ unique Outcomes-Based Methodology and TeamState Approach. For more information, visit

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