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"What Atlassian is offering us with their tools

and their ecosystem is a full enterprise solution.

Anything you need, any features you need,

you can do with Atlassian."

— Gene Lewe, Lufthansa.

Atlassian. Custom fit.

DevOps is built on the principles of communication, collaboration, and integration. Automate tedious tasks, stay informed with powerful alerting, and maximize productivity by connecting to all of the tools that your team uses every day to let each team member work where they are most comfortable and productive.

Atlassian's massive DevOps Marketplace helps teams of all sizes deliver better results, faster. Read our new guide to help you get started in the DevOps Marketplace.

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How to improve team collaboration

How to connect all the tools your teams use every day, automate and integrating your Atlassian products so you can build even better software, faster.

Top workflow recommendations

A look at workflows across the entire DevOps lifecycle. From project planning to building, continuous integration, deploying, and beyond.

A few “apps to try”

Check out suggested apps at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle to help you get started even faster.

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